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The video for the final Nike Camp scrimmage is now up.

Check it out!

GM 2014

Brooklyn, a New York City-based grandmaster ultimate team participated at the 2014 USAU Masters Championships in Sarasota, FL July 18-20. The grandmaster division is for players aged 40 and up. 14 teams from around the country participated in this year's championship.…

by Aaron Bell

In mid-July, nearly 50 of the nation’s best female and male youth ultimate players were in the midst of a week-long training camp at Manhattan College in preparation for the 2014 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) being held in Lecco, Italy.…

Picture of Julie Sussman
Julie Sussman
Jun 12, 2014
New York, NY

Recap of Discord at States

Team Photo

From right: Apple Bloom, Queen Chrysalis, Diamond Tiara, Twilight Sparkle, Filthy Rich, Trenderhoof, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Spitfire, Apple Jack, and Sweetie Belle.



Starting an Ultimate team from scratch is hard, hard work. Even…

Picture of Julie Sussman
Julie Sussman
Jan 29, 2014
New York, NY

Youth Summer Ultimate Camp

NUC Ultiworld

Coming to New York City this summer, July 27-31st ! Check out the website for more information and how to register:

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